We're Ready to book... Now What?

So, by this point you probably received pricing and availability from one of our staff members.
If you would like to take the next steps to reserve your date, here’s how it works: 

Here’s what’s next and how it works: 
 – We’re super excited that you would like to move forward and book your event! It’s a pleasure to be working with you! 🙂

 – To reserve your date and book your letters, we require that a signed contract is signed by both Philly Marquee and yourself (our wonderful client) and a $100 deposit is paid. We accept credit card, cash or check. If payment by cash or check, we will save honor the reservation for a 3 day window in order to allow the deposit check to arrive or cash to dropped off. If the credit card deposit is not made or the the check does not arrive within 3 business days, your reservation will be released. We require that both the payment and the contract be fulfilled in order to save your date. 
– The full balance becomes due and must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your event date. The balance can be paid at any time. If you would like to set up a payment schedule, we can work with you to arrange that so long as the full balance is paid in full 2 weeks prior to your event date. 

– Changes to your reservation are permitted, subject to availability. Change of venues may impact pricing based on distance, difficulty of delivery, etc. 

If you have any questions, please direct them by email to info@phillymarquee.com or by phone at 484-240-2484. 
Thank you! 

Brett & Kelly
Philly Marquee